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By Connie Ellig
From grapes grown in the scenic valleys of San Antonio de las Minas, Guadalupe, Santo Tomas and San Vicente, Baja California wineries produce nearly 95% of Mexico's table wines. The temperate climate, ranking with that of some of the premium wine regions of Northern California and Europe, is favorable to growing many different types of grapes. In fact, Baja California wineries produce more than eighty different generic and varietal wines, sparkling wines, ports, sherries and brandies! 

No visit to Ensenada is complete without touring at least one of the wineries in town or in the surrounding area. Although some wineries offer scheduled tours and wine tastings, others open by appointment only. Be sure to plan accordingly.

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Every summer Baja California vintners host their annual Grape Harvest Festival known as Fiestas de la Vendimia. The 10-day festival presents excellent opportunities to become acquainted with the many Baja wines which are experiencing new heights of international acclaim. Due to the increasing popularity of  Fiestas de la Vendimia, advance tickets are recommended. 

Bodegas de Santo Tomas 
Visit Baja California's oldest winery for guided tours daily at 11am, 1pm & 3pm. Select the Basic Tour ($2dlls.) with tastings of a half dozen table wines, or the Special Tour ($5dlls.) with tastings of a dozen table and premium wines plus a souvenir glass. The winery is located on Av. Miramar #666 between Calles 6 & 7. Tel. (6)174-0836 ext. 22, (6)178-3333 ext. 22, fax (6)178-3621, e-mail: bstwines@telnor.net 
Cavas Valmar  
This friendly boutique winery offers free tours and wine tastings by appointment at Av. Riveroll #1950 & Calle Ambar. Tel/fax (6)178-6405, e-mail: valmar@telnor.net 
Bodegas de Santo Tomas 
Wine tasting tours of the new facilities in Valle de Santo Tomas are available by appointment for groups of 12 or more. Specify Basic ($6dlls.) or Special ($8dlls.) Tour. Tel. (6)174-0836 ext. 22, (6)178-3333 ext. 22, fax (6)178-3621, e-mail: bstwines@telnor.net 
Vina de Liceaga 
Wine tasting and tours Saturday at 1pm by appointment at Km. 93 in San Antonio de las Minas. Tel. (6)684-0126, (6)684-1184, fax (6)684-0262, e-mail: elibac@telnor.net 
Bodegas San Antonio 
New winery/tour facilities under construction are scheduled to open in the year 2000 at Rancho Toros Pintos in San Antonio de las Minas. (Wines are currently available in Ensenada restaurants and wine shops.) Tel. (6)174-0078, (6)178-3939, fax (6)178-1611 
Mogor Badan 
Tours and wine tasting by appointment at Rancho El Mogor in Valle de Guadalupe at Km. 86.5. Tel/fax (6)177-1484 
Monte Xanic  
Wine tasting and tours ($4dlls.) by appointment at this scenic winery overlooking its vineyards in Francisco Zarco, Valle de Guadalupe, just off Highway 3 to Tecate. Tel. (6)174-7055, (6)174-6155, fax (6)174-6848; e-mail: mxanic@montexanic.com.mx

Chateau Camou 
Tours with wine tasting ($2dlls.) by appointment Mon.-Fri. 10am-2pm, Sat. 10am-noon at this fragrant winery overlooking its vineyards in Francisco Zarco, Valle de Guadalupe, just off Highway 3 to Tecate. Tel. (6)177-2221, (6)177-3303, fax (6)176-0676, in U.S. (619)233-8466, e-mail: ccamou@cafeinternet.net.mx
Casa Pedro Domecq  
Free tours and tastings of wines and brandies are offered by Mexico's oldest producer of wines Mon.-Fri. 10am-4pm, Sat. 10am-1:30pm in Valle de Guadalupe at Km. 73. Tel. (6)155-2249; e-mail: domecq@compuserve.com.mx 
L.A. Cetto  
Free tours and tastings of wines, coolers, brandy and tequila are offered daily 10am-4pm. Purchase a bottle and picnic on the terrace overlooking the vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe at Km. 73.5. Tel. (6)155-2264, fax (6)155-2269. Also visit the winery in Tijuana at Canon Johnson #2108 & Av. Constitucion Sur for tours with wine tasting ($2dlls./$3 with souvenir glass) Mon.-Sat. 10am-5pm, tel. (6)685-3031, fax (6)685-4450 

To call from the U.S. or Canada dial 011-52 + numbers listed.  Within Mexico dial 01 + numbers listed. 
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