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    La Paz scene


    "We like to give you here some general information about our lovely city, the capital of the state of Baja California Sur.

    Even so the population has grown from 36,000 to almost 300,000 people in the time of 1985 to 2007 it is still a very charming city with the typical homely small town character. Best of all, it is not a tourist trap as you find at the typical vacation oriented places. Sure, we have some tourism here, but the normal visitor to La Paz and vicinity is ecological oriented and also looks for some quiet and cultural enhanced vacation.

    Of course there is nightlife here too. Just visit one of the nice discos or places where you can dance to life music like Las Varitas, Tequila y Mariachi and much more; just go and explore. Some like it hot and this you can find at La Ranchita or Lord Black. (Don't get caught by your wife)
    When you worked up a real appetite, there are so many taco stands and great restaurants to attack you waistline. Try the Rancho Viejo, just one block from the Malecon at Marquez de Leon street. It is a 24 hour place with fantastic food, from the Taco to a full meal. It is delicious and very inexpensive. Oh, and right across from the lighthouse at the municipal pier is a fantastic ice cream parlor with a lot of different flavors. They have a special ice cream machine, there are no more calories in the ice cream. They are all frozen out. At least this what you can tell your spouse when you have one scoop more. HA

    If you look for something right in downtown, there are plenty of eateries at the Malecon. Las Brisas prepares very good meals, or sit at the patio of La Perla restaurant, enjoy a fine dinner and watch the incredible sunset. The La Panga at Marina Palmira is the place to enjoy a good meal with harbor atmosphere.

    If you like to see more boats and meet interesting people, try The Dock Café at Marina De La Paz. Great food and great prices!
    If you have a special occasion, why not go for an extra elegant dining to the Los Arcos restaurant right at the first floor of the beautiful hotel.

    If you want to get rid of all the calories, you have many options to do so. How about a kayak tour for a day or even a whole week or a combination of sailing and kayaking.

    You have your mind on Scuba Diving or like to swim with the seals at Los Islotes? This is so unforgettable and you can tell even the grand children about it. Buceo Carey will be glad to take you on a day trip to the overwhelmingly beautiful island of Espirito Santos and Partida. If you make a pre reservation for a diving or snorkeling trip and mention that you come from the Baja - Web site, they will give you a 10% discount. But you have to tell them that you have the information from here or you won't get it.

    Enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches, the colored mountains, the turquoise water and the incredible blue sky and ocean. Snorkel through the arc at the seal island and see the pups frolicking, coming right up to you, mother will eye you skeptical just to make sure you don’t want to hurt her baby and thousands of fish will encircle you. Indulge in it. It will stay forever with you.

    But if you are more inclined at exploring the beaches, there are plenty of places to go. Try the fantastic bay of Balandra with the shallow very well protected water or see Playa Tecolote close by. Just the drive out there is fantastic. The road leads along the waterfront where you find many pristine public beaches and coves, just inviting you to stop and have a little splash in the water.

    If you want to see more of the La Paz area, you really should go to Las Arenas and Bahia de Los Muertos, or as they call it now, the Bay of Dreams.
    Find the road to San Juan de Los Planes, going off from the road to Los Cabos and just stay on it. You will climb to 1.200 m before the road leads down and you have a fantastic view of the Los Planes valley, Isla Cerralvo and the white coastline.
    Just keep going through the village of Los Planes, then along endless cacti forests until the road ends at the beautiful bay. It is a lovely place to swim, snorkel and beach combing and if ou worked up a real hearty appetite, the Giggling Marlin Restaurant right at the beach will take care of your craving.

    If you are now ready to go out of the sun and have some cultural experiences, La Paz has a beautiful big theater where you can enjoy concerts, shows, ballet and many other kind of entertainment. There are plenty of galleries with changing exhibitions, small shows and piano concerts at the renovated Juarez Theater in downtown and lots of entertainment along the Malecon, especially on a weekend. At 5 de Mayo is a great antropological museum with a small but nice exhibition and free of charge.

    An absolute must is a visit to the weavers. Here you see how the wool is spun, dyed with natural colors and woven into fantastic artful blankets, wall hangers floor mats, table cloth and so on. You will spend hours just to admire the craftsmanship and the artistic products. Best of all, the prices are very very low. Some of the work is comparable with the Indian Craft up north, but what you pay there in Dollars will be the same here in Pesos. So, if you have a blanket up north for $ 250 Dollars, you will have it here for 250 Pesos. This let you and your purse put on a really big smile.

    Like to see more art and craft? Ibarra’s Pottery is the place to go. You will watch the transform of a ball of mud into the most beautiful delicate piece of lovely crafted, artful dish. It is fantastic to see how sensible hands creating an immaculate unique object.

    In case you like to get goose bumps, but not from the air-condition, have a visit to the Serpentarium. Here you can see different kind of snakes, lizards, turtles, spiders, scorpions, centipedes and many typical Rain Forest species. It is worth going there and not only to get a shudder running over your spine. More and more people stop with their RV here in La Paz, just to get a way from the rowdy tourism and all the time share sales people down there in Los Cabos. We have a few nice trailer parks direct in town and a little outside. Most of them are taking also permanent RV's and not only short term visitors. There are more retired "Baby - Boomers" coming down to live in a great climate where the Social Security goes a much longer way than up north. Also, many people don't want to go to the hassle of buying a property and building a house and since you live most of the time outside anyway in this great climate, it really makes sense. There is a gorgeous set up just a little out of downtown, 11 Miles north at the inner bay of a Paz. But it is only for Permanent RV's ( ) There you find really generous spaces where you can have your own little garden if you like or a big patio if you don't have a "green thumb". It is just 100 yd to the water to launch your fishing boat or go swimming and collect clams for dinner. With the high speed wireless internet connection you can do your book keeping (or watch the naughty sites) and if you bring your receiver, you have satellite TV from up north, getting the signal from 2 satellites. ( About 400 Stations with an FTA receiver ) There are so many amenities, you should have a look when you are in La Paz the next time.

    After a long day in the sun or a beautiful enjoyable evening you need a place where you can snore a little.

    La Paz has a wide array of lodgings from a simple room to a luxurious villa. Right in downtown is the great Hotel of Los Arcos and also at the Malecon the new 7 Crown with his excellent rooms. Just at the end of the sea promenade it Hotel El Morro and a few km more the La Concha / Howard Johnson hotel, right at the beach.

    If you have a boat or like the harbor atmosphere, Hotel Marina will be your dream place. Crown Plaza is the most upscale hotel we have here in La Paz. Located at the inner Bay just a little north of downtown. It is very quiet, first class in everything, from the elegant rooms to the excellent cuisine at the fabulous restaurant.

    If you want something “down to earth”, the vacation rentals of the HACIENDA DEL SOL might be the place for you. At a lovely tropical setting at the inner Bay of La Paz are fully furnished Cabanas/Studios, Palapas and Bungalows in different sizes. It is a place where you feel home right there and the host love to tell you all about Baja, where to go and what to do. You also find kayaks to paddle around and if you like to, grab a bicycle and go on a tour.

    The best part is, that the prices are way below a simple hotel room, but there is a little draw back. Since the owner is very active at the local Red Cross and the Old Folks Home in town, he uses the place as a fund raiser for these needy organization and he expect from you to bring something with you. May be an old T-shirt, a pair of shoes or pants you don’t use anymore or what ever you can spare. So, before you shower the “Good Will” up north, put a little aside for down here. Having a small purse but want to be right in the center of town? Las Gardenias will be the place you are looking for. Just a couple blocks away from the waterfront and the post office, you will have nice clean accommodations for a reasonable price.

    Just 2 km after the Malecon on the road to the ferry port is the excellent hotel Palmira /Araiza Inn with 120 rooms in different categories. They also offer plenty of space for any kind of convention.

    But if you are just traveling through and need a place for a short stop over, Hotel Oasis on the way south to Cabo will be the place. They’re much more accommodation then listed here and much more to say and see about La Paz. If you have something specific in mind or looking for, just drop us an e-mail, we will give you all the information you want. Just click: and ask your question. Also if your establishment in La Paz is not mentioned here and you like to have it included, use the same e-mail and tell us all about you or call in La Paz 123-5440 and ask for Eberhard. So, may be we will see you down here some day for your best vacation ever."

    La Paz
    La Paz (the Peace) received its name in the 16th century for its peaceful inhabitants.

    Population:200,000,Income: Tourism, Fishing & Gov. Offices

    The capital of Baja California Sur, La Paz (the peace), was founded on the 3rd of May in 1535 by Hernán Cortés. Located on the beautiful bay of La Paz, it is famous for its spectacular sunsets. You will find magnificent white and sandy beaches such as Coromuel, El Caimancito, El Tesoro, Eréndira, Pichilingue, Balandra and El Tecolote. On most of these beaches there are restaurants and bars nearby. While sightseeing, it is a must to visit the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Paz built during the last century and the City Theatre where you will find art galleries and libraries. Nestled in the gardens of the theatre you will see the Rotonda de Los Hombres IIustres and the Four Windmills, symbol of old La Paz. You can't miss the Government Palace and the Legislative Palace, the Museum of Anthropology and History, and the Library of the Californias.

    LA PAZ is the capital of Baja California Sur since 1830 after the destruction of the then Capital, LORETO by a Hurricane, and also is the largest city in southern Baja. It is located on a large, natural bay, and some of Baja's most beautiful islands are just a short distance offshore. For a big town, La Paz has a very nice, warm feel to it.

    The waterfront area of La Paz is particularly beautiful, and the sunsets across the bay are usually quiet spectacular! Local families and tourists often gather on the Malecon at water's edge to enjoy this nightly show.

    The large harbor attracts sailboats from all over the world! There are many great beaches for swimming and sunbathing north east of the city, just a short drive from downtown. More remote beaches (and quite spectacular) can be found south east of La Paz, in the Bahia Los Muertos area.

    The weather in La Paz is excellent almost all year around! However, since it is located within the Tropics, it can be affected by the tropical storms that are sometimes generated in the warm Pacific waters during summer and early fall. Daytime temperatures are usually warm and pleasant, and evenings are delightfully cool.

    The modern visitors will find a large variety of goods and services to keep them entertained. The vast majority of the population here is gainfully employed in a variety of service related industries, so there is usually plenty of activity going on all throughout town. Except, of course, during the traditional 'siesta' period after lunch, when many residents and business owners tend to relax or catch a little shut eye.

    One of the great advantages of La Paz is its close proximity to raw Baja nature. One can travel a relatively short distance in any direction from town, and be smack dab in the middle of nowhere in short order. If one has to live in a big town, but still wants to enjoy the splendor of Baja's wilderness, La Paz is numero uno!

    CARLOS FIESTA'S HOT TIP: ISLA ESPIRTO SANTO and ISLA LA PARTIDA are located just a dozen miles north east of La Paz, and are truly and island paradise! Renting a panga for a sea cruise, a picnic, or a snorkel excursion is a great way to spend a day. The small island on the very north end is called Los Islotes, and swimming with the local seals is a real treat!

    Beaches, La Paz has more fabulous beaches than any other large city in Baja! Up the coast, along the offshore islands, as well as northeast, east, and south of town. It is possible for the Baja traveler to find beautiful beaches with plenty of activity, or completely secluded beaches where there isn't a soul for dozens of miles!
    PLAYA LA PAZ, Right in town, along the Malecon, from the entrance to town, up to the marina. These beaches are clean, convenient, and offer a quick escape from the city pace!
    PLAYA EL COMITAN, On the north end of the bay, west of town, prior to entering La Paz. Shallow beaches, not as attractive at low tide. Better beaches northeast of town.
    PLAYA PALMIRA, On the road heading northwest through town, at Km. 2.5. A nice beach, very busy on weekends, usually filled with hotel guests and locals.
    PLAYA EL COROMEL, Pichilingue Highway, near Km. 3.5. Another beautiful beach, food and drinks, palapas, water slide, some road noise.
    PLAYA DEL TESORO, About 8 miles out of town on the Pichilingue road at Km. 8.5 A relaxing beach with a restaurant and palapas.
    PLAYA PICHILINGUE, Out on the Pechilingue Highway at Km. 17. Further from town, not as crowded, restrooms available 24 hours!
    PLAYA BALANDRA, North and east of town, via the Pichilingue Highway, and a good spur road west. A great beach, clear water, may get busy on summer weekends.
    PLAYA TECOLOTE, Continue on past Playa Balandra a few more miles. Beautiful beach, restaurant, and pangas for rent. Local breezes keep the bugs away!
    ISLA ESPIRITO SANTO, North east of town, less than an hour boat ride. Best beaches are on the west side. Island paradise! 14 miles of crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and coves. Privacy!
    BAHIA DE LA VENTANA, South of La Paz 20 miles on Highway 286, then head north to the beach. Miles of spectacular beaches, no crowds, perfect!

    Camping, RVing, The beaches outside of La Paz are excellent for camping and for R.V.'s. Most of the access roads to these beautiful beaches are in good condition. These popular playas can get very busy on weekends, and very quiet during the week. In addition to camping with nature, there are a few camping facilities available near town. Fishing - Boating, La Paz is a big fishing and boating town. The waters off La Paz are full of fish, and the further south and east one goes, the more the fishing improves. Many Baja travelers enjoy boating out to the local islands for a day or two, they're just a short distance from town. Heading up or down the coast is also a great way to explore the local waters. There are three good marinas right near town, offering all of the necessary boating services. (see 'MARINAS' under TRANSPORTATION section). Pangas can also be rented on the beach in downtown La Paz, or further north at Pichilingue Beach.

    Local fish include sailfish, marlin, yellowtail, dorado, roosterfish, tuna & sierra. Deep sea fishing improves as the waters warm up, from March through September. The big boys (sailfish and marlin) usually get hungry from May to November, but reeling in a big yellow or a roosterfish on the line will get your heart pumping just as fast.

    Hotel´s, Lodging,La Paz is a big town, so the accommodation options are plentiful and diverse. There are many small motels for those on a budget, and there are first class resorts for people who want to spend the big bucks. 
    Interesting local sites, ISLA ESPIRITO SANTO, This is probably the most photographed island in Baja. And for a good reason! The turquoise bays and over a dozen white sandy beaches almost look unreal from the sky, and they appear equally spectacular in person. There are actually two big islands in the group, plus several smaller rock-islands, and they are all just a short boat ride away from La Paz. It's a perfect one day getaway, or a very relaxing 2 day (or more!) excursion. Sunscreen and a hat are highly recommended, as shade is scarce. Boats can be chartered from the marinas.
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    Recreation, La Paz is very much a water town, so many of the recreational options that are available take place near the coast. The people of La Paz seem to have a good balance, putting in a good day's work, and then enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. A few fun things to do include:

    BIKES, The terrain around La Paz is mostly flat, which is great for cruising around on a bike. Through the city streets, along the seaside Malecon, and for the more adventurous, up the Pichilingue Peninsula towards the beautiful beaches. Hard core helmet heads will enjoy the "Cabo Loop", taking Baja Highway One south past Buena Vista to San Jose Del Cabo, down to the tip at Cabo, and then up the west coast via Highway 19 through Todos Santos and then back to La Paz. This 250 mile excursion is best enjoyed with an overnighter at the halfway point in Cabo San Lucas. Bike rentals are available at La Paz.

    DIVING, Some of the best diving in the La Paz area is around the offshore islands. Snorkeling can be fun along the beaches just outside town, but the sea life doesn't really kick in until you get offshore. For snorkel trips, it's easy to rent a panga to head out to Isla Espiritu Santo. For Scuba diving, hooking up with a dive shop is the best way to enjoy a one or two day dive trip. Best months for visibility and warm water are July through November.
    The other dive option in La Paz is the dive boats. The three main dive boats in town are the Marisla 011-52 (612) 122-3761, the Don Jose, and the famous Rio Rita. Dive locations include the Salvatierra for wreck diving, the Seamount for open ocean big fish, and Los Islotes for a friendly swim with the seals!

    KAYAKS,Kayaking in the harbor is a very pleasant experience, and a short excursion up towards the Pelichingue Peninsula is good for those looking for a longer trek. For the truly ambitious, launching out by the ferry terminal and heading over to Isla Espirito Santo is an extremely rewarding paddle for the experienced kayaker.

    OFF ROAD, Even though much of the recreational activity in La Paz takes places in, on, under, or next to the water, true Baja aficionados know that there is more to La Paz than salt water. The roads leaving La Paz in all directions offer excellent off roading, and La Paz is proud to be a part of the traditional SCORE INTERNATIONAL BAJA 1000, which is the toughest off road race in the world.

    SAILING, Sailors have been dropping the hook in La Paz for over 400 years. It's an excellent natural harbor, and the sailing offshore is superb. This is a common stopover for sailors who cruise down the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula, and a good place to provision before heading further south on the Mexican mainland, or for blue water sailing to Hawaii and beyond. From June through November the chubascos are a very real possibility in the waters off of La Paz, but the full force of these storms usually doesn't last much more than 20 minutes to 2 hours. The marinas in town offer everything a sailor worth his or her salt could need. For a fun bareboat adventure, try chartering a yacht! If you are a cruising sailor, you want to visit this web site: Club Cruceros de La Paz

    WINDSURFING,Playa La Ventana is the perfect place to cruise on a sailboard. The north end of the bay, El Mogote, tends to have less boat traffic, and more consistent winds. For the brave souls who enjoy open ocean sailing, Isla Espiritu Santos is only a dozen miles from shore. Winds are usually calm during summer (except during chubascos), but increase significantly in 3 to 4 day periods during fall and spring. The spectacular windsurfing at Buena Vista is only an hour south by car.

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    Restaurants - Bars,   La Paz offers many options for dining. Although the restaurants near the waterfront tend to offer more ambiance, some of the restaurants in town have excellent food, and should not be overlooked. Most of the larger hotels offer decent dining, but hey, you're on Holiday! It's more fun to walk the town and check out the options.
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    Shopping,  La Paz is a very large town, and offers a wider variety of shopping than anywhere else on the peninsula, outside of Tijuana. There are several large food markets in town, and there are hundreds of additional stores in town, which offer everything from post cards to marine parts. Some of the more touristy shops are located close to the water, just behind the Malecon.
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    Transportation, La Paz features a host of transportation options for the Baja traveler. The truly adventurous Baja traveler often mixes and matches different modes of transportation in one trip to get a larger flavor of the Baja.

    AIRPORT,The La Paz International Airport services commercial flight to Loreto and Tijuana, as well as many other cities on the Mexican mainland and in the United States. La Paz is also an airport of entry for general aviation. For more information on flying private aircraft into La Paz and into baja, check out Baja Bush Pilots web site.

    BUSES,The buses in La Paz are very popular with the local people as an inexpensive way to get around town. The long distance buses that head down to Cabo and up to Tijuana are an inexpensive way to travel the Peninsula, and to get a flavor of Baja.

    Ferries,  The Ferry leaves regulary from La Paz to Mazatlan And Tompo Lobompo.

    What is it that brings us back to Mexico?
    by Summer
    When you meet a person for the first time, there are a few things that create that first impression. It's the same when you travel to Mexico.
    The Eyes
    Such an devine design.... They tell a whole story in an unspoken exchange. The eyes of Mexico are deep and broad, yet old and wise. These eyes have seen more history than can be told in a book. Even in our imaginations we can't begin to travel where Mexico has been.
    The Smile
    How a person smiles or if they smile at all can unravel their own story....People sometimes hide behind a smile, not realizing we see through the disguise. Mexico doesn't hide behind it's steadfast smile. It is there for the taking. We receive smile after smile, everyday of our visit. Even in the face of adversity, we can depend on Mexico to give us the gift of a warm smile. And we respond with our hearts.
    The Voice
    Is it high pitched? Is it deep and rough? A voice can be a cruel joke, not matching the landscape.....For me, the voice of Mexico is a warm whisper that can't be heard. It is something you feel inside. It is a silent sensation that speaks of heritage, simplicity and rich colors. We experience an endless season of celebrations through this whisper. I fell in love with the voice of Mexico many years ago. This love grows stronger with each visit.
    Something Else.
    Put the eyes, the smile and the voice in a bookmark for a moment. There is something else that keeps calling us back. Is it the scenery and the recreation we experience? Of course, but even that isn't it. It's the one thing that keeps Mexico stranded in our minds for endless hours....
    The pace of Mexico gives us permission to live each day, one at a time.
    We don't have this privilege in our everyday lives. We are far too busy preparing for the next step, the next meal, the next day. We are not happy unless we are predicting tomorrows problems and preparing for every possible disaster that may fall in our path. We spend our life preparing for life but we are far too busy being "productive" to live it. When you wake up in Mexico the pace will greet you and it will remind you. At breakfast you'll be enjoying the morning, not worrying about the afternoon. At lunch, you will simply enjoy the afternoon. There is no need to worry about dinner. It will arrive. If you need to look at your watch to be reminded go ahead, but why bother? Evening will arrive without a clock and you will often find that you are still enjoying the afternoon when it does.
    The pace of Mexico is what draws us back year after year. If you don't take the time to savor it you just might return home with the wrong impression.
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