Pavarotti Sin Fronteras
"The Evening of the Sun"


In Laguna Salada, the Mexicali Desert

Saturday, October 18, 2003

The city of Mexicali, Baja California, proudly celebrates its 100th birthday this year.

Since 1903, the people of Mexicali or cachanillas, as they are sometimes called, have persevered through hard work and determination to transform this great valley into one of the 10 most important industrial cities in Mexico. 

The cachanillas get their nickname from a wild herb of the same name that grows only in Baja California.  They are a simple people, honest and kind. But they possess an incredibly strong spirit as evidenced by the incredible development of Mexicali over its first 100 years, a clear example to illustrate what man is capable of achieving when determined to succeed.  That is the spirit of Mexicali!

In memory of the founders of Mexicali, and with great hope for the future, the Mexicali Centennial Organizing Committee and the City Council have planned an event that will embody all of the energy, power and hope of 100 years of life in Mexicali.

Thousands of people from throughout Baja California, México and the world, will attend this magical event and feed from the energy that Mexicali offers as they share with its people in celebrating this great city’s first centennial.


Pavarotti Sin Fronteras

In the desert of Mexicali

" La Noche del Sol /The Evening of the Sun"

 This event will acknowledge and honor the people of Mexicali, who have in the past 100 years devoted their lives to make their city a better place.

It will be a family event that will show children what happens when you think big and believe there is nothing that can stop the people of Mexicali from accomplishing whatever goal they seek. 

It will be an experience that will exceed all limits, surpass time and space, and be remembered with passion and pride for many years to come.

Pavarotti Sin Fronteras will be a gift from the people of Mexicali to the world.

The best stage ...

Mexicali is a city in the desert.  Those who live here are creatures of the sun and sand just like the hearty cacti and cachanillas.

The magical desert of the Laguna Salada is the ideal natural setting for such a grand event.  It will be an extraordinary experience, one that will make the world hold Mexicali in the same esteem as other memorable concerts by Maestro Luciano Pavarotti, such as his performances at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Acropolis in Athens or the archeological wonders of Chichén Itzá.

A unique event demands an extraordinary effort ...

Just as the founders of Mexicali were determined to overcome the many challenges they faced in this desert 100 years ago, the coordination of Pavarotti Sin Fronteras demands an extraordinary commitment from the entire community.  And through this effort the spirit of Mexicali will shine!


- Location

Laguna Salada of Mexicali, Baja California, México.

Kilometer 16, Road Mexicali-Tijuana.

- Site

Between Mexicali and Tijuana, 20 minutes from Mexicali and one hour and 15 minutes from Tijuana, in the middle of Sierra de Juárez. At the bottom of La Rumorosa.

- Exact Location

The exact location of the event is near the Mexicali-Tijuana road - approximately 1,600 meters - at an ideal point of access.

- What is Laguna Salada like?

It isn't a desert of soft sand, it is a hard surface.

- Date

Saturday, October 18, 2003.

- Featured Artists

Luciano Pavarotti and the Palacio de Bellas Artes chorus.


Approximately 30,000 to 40,000 people are expected to attend.

- The Moon

There will be a half moon on Saturday, October 18.

- The inspiration

The gathering of the Mexico-North American border for peace and a farewell to Luciano Pavarotti in Latin America.

- Characteristics

Pavarotti Sin Fronteras is a unique event because it will be the first time that Pavarotti will perform in the desert.

It is important to highlight that in addition to the main stage there will be other stages with artistic performances approximately one hour prior to and after the main concert.

In addition to the Pavarotti concert, attendees will have the opportunity to see the incomparable sunset in the desert – which will take place at exactly 6:02 p.m. that day, and once the sun goes down, all in attendance will be able to enjoy the under a half moon.

After the concert, there will be an extraordinary fireworks show, Mariachi music, and a variety of other artistic presentations on the other stages.

As the name suggests, Pavarotti Sin Fronteras is a hymn to liberty, an infinite sensation of freedom conveyed by the enchanting desert of the Laguna Salada.

Organization and Funding

- Organizing committee

Such a massive event requires an experienced team to manage the many aspects of the project.

For this reason, the Centennial Association of Mexicali and the Urbi Company, in association with the Seventeenth City Council of Mexicali, has appointed San Carlos Management, an organization that specializes in the production of major events in Mexico.  San Carlos Management produced, among others the Pavarotti concert in Chichén Itzá, visits to Mexico by the Pope and performances by such artists as Madonna and Paul McCartney and has coordinated spectacular events at the Auditorio National (National Auditorium), the Foro Sol and the Sports Palace in the city of Mexico, and major festivals throughout the Republic of Mexico.

- Funding

Pavarotti Sin Fronteras in the Mexicali desert was conceived and designed to pay for itself. The event will be financed exclusively by the private sector, including the Urbi Company, ticket sales and concessions.

- Funds Raised

The Televisa Foundation and the Mexicali organizing committee will be donating funds raised to children in need of cornea and kidney transplants, children with cancer, and the homeless children in the DIF border program.

Regional, national and worldwide

One of the most important objectives of the Pavarotti Sin Fronteras concert is to position Mexicali on a regional, national and international stage. With this in mind, several important agreements will be made with a variety of media, agencies and information networks, to guarantee that this event will be seen throughout the years, in the most diverse countries of the world. This without a doubt, will benefit Mexicali beyond measure .

Weather, flora and fauna

Historically, the weather in Mexicali during the month of October is considered ideal. According to studies, there are very low chances for strong winds and rain during this time. In case of rain, the event will be postponed one or two days if needed.

At the Laguna Salada -specifically at the site where the event will be taking place - the ground is solid. This same solid surface will allow easy access for people and vehicles.

The event site is also unique because of the complete lack of vegetation due to the fact that at this location there's a surface of saline soil 10 to 15 centimeters thick that prevents the proliferation of plants or animals of any type.

For the security and comfort of the attendees, the surface will be adequately treated.


When there's talk about an event of global interest taking place in an isolated area such as a desert, where between 30,000 to 40,000 people are expected to attend, attention must be given to the ecological, technical and logistical aspects to guarantee the comfort and security before, during and after the event.

Security - Security is without a doubt the most important topic. There will be support from the armed forces, numerous police departments, fire departments, and other public safety organizations.

Ecology - To prevent potential impact to the ecological stability of the area, there will be evaluations by specialists. It is a commitment that after the event, the Laguna Salada will stay exactly the way it was before the event.

Roads - In association with expert authorities, there will be temporary modifications as required on the road between Mexicali-Tijuana, as well as the routes to the Laguna Salada area, to guarantee that easy access.

Parking - There will be parking areas sectioned off at the event site as required by the type of vehicle.

Transfers -

On Saturday, October 18, starting at 11 a.m., people will be able to arrive to the location as follows:

1. Driving own vehicle

2. By bus: from several city points within Baja, including the valley and San Felipe

3. By bus for those coming from the United States

Other - There will be first aid and public safety stations, as well as tents for food and drink, portable bathrooms, communication and telephone systems, souvenir sales, and wide open areas for people and vehicle access, and rest areas.

Support personnel, adequate signage and lighting will provide visitors easy access to their assigned ticket spot within the community park to be built exclusively for this event.

Electricity - In association with the Federal Commission on Electricity there will be systems in place that an event of such magnitude requires; giving special attention to safety.

Water and bathrooms - There will be temporary installation of running water, that will be coming from underground as well as an adequate number of portable bathrooms, all will be handled with the same level of quality and efficiency required by similar events of this magnitude in other parts of the world.

Chairs - To provide comfort for ticket holders in the sections that include chairs, it will be necessary to rent thousands of chairs that will be coming from several parts of the country.

Stage, sound, lighting - To provide top quality to these areas, and due to the highest standards required including technical know-how of such an event, there will be services given by specialized companies and approved by the production team of Maestro Pavarotti.



The entire chair area or "lunetario" is divided into seven zones; each with a different type of ticket and price. The zones are color coded: Platinum, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Orange and White. Prices vary from $10 to $600 dollars per person.

Ticket Master will be in charge of the coordination and general management of ticket sales. Ticket Master offers the strongest sales staff and quality customer service throughout the State. In addition, there will be contracts with several companies that specialize in tourism promotion, to support the thousands of visitors coming from Southern California and Arizona who plan to be part of this world event.

Arthur Carey at Mexico Destinations is the Authorized US Agent for ticket sales and he can be contacted at (888) 295-9669 or (619) 295-5116, or via email at  Tickets can also be ordered a Spanish-language website, TicketMaster Mexico  You can also place an  email order for tickets through to Miguel Cetto at in partnership with TicketMaster Mexico.  An English-speaking agent at the Mexicali Tourism Office can also be reached regarding tickets at 01152(686) 841-2002.

- Tickets

Section Cost per ticket

Platinum $ 600 dollars

Gold $ 400 dollars

Red $ 200 dollars

Blue $ 80 dollars

Green $ 40 dollars

Orange $ 20 dollars

(*) White (general admission) $ 10 dollars

(*) White section or general admission does not include chair.