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L A S   C A S I T A S
Single US$ 25.00
Double US$ 30.00
Triple US$ 35.00
Rooms have Air-condition
A Historic Place:
The Mulegé Poet & Composer
"Alan Goroseve"
was born here in 1917
Calle Madero # 50, Next to Casa Yee
Owner: Javier Aguilar Zúñiga, speacks english
US Tel: 1 800 346-3942 ext. 36
Garden Restaurant & Bar
Friday Night - Mexican Fiesta and Buffet with Music
Saturday - Roast Pork with Mariachi Music 
Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Full Bar
by Michael DuBois 
          Javier is a native of Mulegé, born in 1951 next door to the Hotel Las Casitas which he now runs. Javier grew up in Mulegé, but moved with his mother to Santa Rosalia along with five other Mulegé children, to go to school. Education being very important to his family, he went to sumner school in Chihuahua, and two years of school in the U.S. at El Segundo to study English. At the age of 19, he returned to Mulegé and worked for his uncle, Roberto Real, pumping gas and organizing the general store there. A couple of years later, the hotel at Punta Chivato sent someone to offer him a job. "I told my uncle this was a good opportunity for me, and asked for a weeks holiday to try out the new job. If I liked it, I'd take it." He did, and began working in the office and as an accountant. Finding that this kind of work suited him, he worked in various hotels and accounting offices in Mexico over the following years. 
His father worked on the Abel Miranda, the first sailboat in the Gulf and already 90 years old in the 1950's, sailing between Santa Rosalia, Guaymas, and La Paz. "One of my most distinct memories of that time, was watching them loading cows and goats onto the boat. The water around El Sombrerito was much deeper then, and the animals had to swim to the boat. They would tie them together, and there would be one guy pushing and another pulling. They had to plug up the cows reat end, to stop the water getting in and making them sink, leading to the expressian 'to sink like cow' ". 
            Javier was offered a job by Don and Nancy Johnson at the Hotel Serenidad, and so found himself back in Mulegé again. When he saw the opportunity to renovate Las Casitas, he took it and has been running it for the past ten years. He was married to Silvia at the Hotel Serenidad and has three children, Iliana, Jose Antonio and Luis Alonso. Javier says "Mulegé is having a tough time at the moment. We're all trying to succeed and go a little bit further. I hope people will continue to support us."
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