Pottery making in Tecate. In the late 19th century, Tecate came into being due to its abundant water and fertile soil. Farmers and ranchers settled in the area and turned it into a productive farm market center whose primarily yields were olives, grapes and grain.

At the same time, Tecate was developing into an industrial area, primarily for the processing of coffee and beer making.

Tecate, as a developing industrial border city, gradually gained internationa recognition brought about by the sudden popularity of the Tecate Beer, manufactured by Tecate Brewery. Each year, thousands of people from across the border and from within toured the the town and marvelled at its beer-making plant.

Tecate offers a charming small-town ambience even today, an attraction that keeps bringing tourists into the town. Besides its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, Tecate is a great place for outdoor activities like hiking adventures, as well as an interesting place to shop,

The symbol that best represents Tecate is the "Chuchuma" mountain, also known locally as the "holy mountain." The place is great for nature lovers. The mountain is lush with greenery and wildflowers, as well as dramatic landscapes populated by an abundant birdlife.

  Tecate's plaza.The city of Tecate is home to the famous Rancho La Puerta and Rancho Tecate Resort, a spa that has gained international fame for its revitalizing treatment, as well as healthy outdoor activities.

Rancho Tecate has a spectacular golf course surrounded by breath-taking mountains just outside town.

Other tourist attractions include picnic areas and water parks, where visitors can enjoy Tecate's unique beauty.

Tecate is very accessible. Just take the San Diego Railroad from the city of Campo, California into Tecate.

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